My Future Classroom- Rules, Mission Statement, and Future Classroom

The rules include the following:

1. Use mobile devices as a tool of the learning process.

2. No texting/calling other people in class.

3. No inappropriate activity should be going on when using mobile devices.

4. Stay on task when using mobile devices.

*Mission Statement*

I am an educator.  I believe everyone has the ability to excel, given the opportunity.  I will strive to be respectful and understanding to my students as well as my fellow teachers and administrators.  I hold myself responsible and honest toward my actions as an instructor.  Not only will I aim to instruct my students well, I will also allow them the room to think for themselves.

*Future Classroom*

After doing some research on what future classrooms should look like, I realized that teaching will be much more than just four walls with desks and a teacher in front of the room lecturing (Mind Shift, 1). There will be a classroom of ethnically and age diverse students and part of the day will be spent with learning technology.  Following that will be finding out which students need help moving through a particular lesson and the focus will be for those who are struggling the most.  The type of learning will be more self-guided and the teacher will seem as more of a coach or mentor. Additionally, to take care of those students who were mis-educated such as black and brown students, “the most needy students need the most qualified teachers in the most supportive schools”  (Mind Shift, 1).

It is important that the schools have a strong relationship with their students in the future. Future classrooms should also have a strong focus on creativity, innovation and skill-based learning (You should read…,1). Of these three, creativity is the most important because it is a much needed skill in the world and is becoming dominant in the workplace.

Critical thinking skills and cultural awareness are another facet to the future classroom. The use of technology will be key in future classrooms and the proper use of that technology will help develop higher order thinking skills and contribute to positive thoughts on learning where as the “textbook teaching” method typically was not as effective in the learning process.


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