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Mobile Learning

May 4, 2012

In the field of education, mobile learning is becoming used much more frequently.  It refers to a more technologically based learning with reliance on mobile devices such as the Ipad Touch, Cell phones, the Iphone, and many other various forms of mobile devices. Students use these devices at home and educators are realizing they are as useful to students in the classroom.  This does not imply they are being used as a form of distraction, but rather, as a tool of the learning process.  The pros of mobile learning are it gives students another fun tool to use in the learning process. Whereas teachers do not have to rely on traditional styles of teaching such as using a textbook or lecturing.  Also, mobile education is much more engaging and students can relate to the technology because of their daily and at home use.

On the other hand, the cons of mobile learning are the instructor cannot always see what students are doing with their mobile devices during class time and students can become distracted from texting, playing games, or any other form of non-educational use that mobile devices have.

However, though mobile learning has its pitfalls, it is important because it gives students the opportunity to learn as well as use the incredible technology they have as an efficient tool of learning.