Multimedia Resources for Seventh Grade Social Studies-Ancient Roman Empire

May 23, 2012

This blog is about using the resources I gathered and incorporating them with the academic content standards listed for seventh grade social studies.  According to the academic content standards, “examine a variety of primary sources such as historical accounts, paintings, maps, diaries, and personal accounts to describe a historical event or period.” (Instructional Strategies, 1)  While reading the book The Traveller’s Guide to Ancient Rome by John Malam, I noticed that this instructional strategy can be used with having the class read this book because it gives a lot of good information on the Roman Emperor Constantine, information about the different customs and cultures that ancient Romans were accustomed to such as food, clothing, palaces, and religious santuaries. The book If I Were A Kid in Ancient Rome by the Carus Publishing Company is a good book to describe the lives of Roman children and how they lived along with how they compare to modern-children with regard to activities and culture. The book A Roman Centurion by S. Ross could be used along with this instructional strategy as a way to give students an understanding of the way Roman soldiers lived and their responsibilities which could correspond to personal accounts or even perhaps, historical events such as during particular wars, the teacher could put an emphasis on the Phalanx fighting strategy and how it was effective during a certain war.  With respect to the educational website, Kidspast.com is an effective website for seventh grade social studies studying the Ancient Roman Empire because it gives plenty of general facts about the topic.  A way in which I could utilize this website for this particular area of concentration and topic is to find different bits of information, turn them into discussion questions, write those on the board, have the students either get in groups of two or work alone (whichever), and have them answer each question, and finally have a class discussion on those questions as another reinforcer of the information.


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