Top 5 Apps

May 16, 2012

1. Mental Math-Multiplication Table app. I would use this for my future 4-9 math class and turn it into a classroom game where the middle school math students get in groups of 2 or 3 and each group are given access to the app and see who can solve 5 multiplication problems the quickest, tiebreakers would be solved in those groups solving 3 problems and the first ones finished are the winners.  The winners would then receive some kind of reward and we would do this until all have had a chance to win.  This would be good for the classroom because not only can it be used for testing a students speed at solving multiplication problems at a fast pace but it is just another way for them to gain more practice at learning their multiplication tables.  2.The Quizzer app is another good app to use for the class.  This allows students to create flashcards and study any subject.  I would use this during their silent time of class as a way to keep them busy and it gives the students some freedom in the classroom to study on their own and if they have any questions they can always ask.  3. Smart Speller English is another good educational app.  This helps students learn to spell.  I would use this for my 4th grade language arts class in preparing students for spelling tests.  iMathPractice Fundamentals Lite is yet another useful app for math students.  This is more of a focus on the four operations (add, subtract, mult., divide).  I would have this as a daily drill and pick some problems from each of the operations to give some variety to the students and would make sure everyone in the class got a chance to participate.  4.  Deluxe Moon Lite is an app that shows how the moon influences our life.  I think this would be a good app for me to use if my future classroom was teaching science or astronomy to give students an engaging lesson on the moon.  5.  The last app that is a good one for educational purposes is the Brain trainer app. This is a good app to use because it helps “jog the brain” and keep it thinking.  This would be useful for during like an independent study where the students who are finished with all their other work can turn to this and practice different applications of the brain trainer app.


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