State of Education Post #4-Online classes

May 15, 2012

For this blog post, I will be talking about online teaching.  I think it has pros and cons to it.  The pros are that it gives a student the chance to learn from a less anti-engaging environment in that students can learn from home rather than drive to a school x minutes away to take a long and dry lecture class.  I also think it gives students an opportunity to learn at their own pace as well as work it in to their day to day schedule without the worry of missing class.  However the disadvantages this could bring are distraction from learning.  Being that it is a distance learning form, students could easily not do their work on time and procrastinate causing problems such as failure to do assigned reading and homework.  Also, the teacher is not readily available as in a classroom environment where you may stop the teacher to ask questions.  Instead, one must rely on email and phone contact which does not always prove reliable.  All in all, though there are differences in this form of learning, I personally feel it is a good way of learning, but if you are not use to indirect contact, a classroom environment may benefit you better.


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