5th and final post about the State of Education

May 15, 2012

This final blog post has to do with social media and its impact on education.  The article I found was about the pros and cons of social media and its impact on education.  For the negative, many students use the information but do not question whether it is accurate or not as well as where they got there information.  The more time students spend surfing these sites, the more their viewpoint becomes polarized and the less they socialize with other students or people in general.  Also, spelling and grammar has become less important to the fast rate at which publications of different social media topics are presented.  On the other hand, the pros that social media presents an increase collaboration among peers leading to increased communication and research.  Since students relate to technology better than those of previous generations, they develop even more familiarity with computers and the technology that can go along with them such as on-line video, articles, and devices that can be connected with the computers for the purpose of helping acquire more information from social media.  Also, the article mentions about increased speed of uploading videos and pictures result in much more creativity and sharing of information among users.  Finally, the article discusses as to what parents can do to help improve face to face social interaction for their kids by having planned family time such as family picnics, cookouts, parties, and the like.  This keeps their social life and their social network/Internet life separate and the kids are more responsive to actual people in face to face (direct) situations rather than less social interaction and more focus on Internet-computer based networking.  This way if they come across information on the Internet or in news articles, they discuss it with those around them rather than creating a skewed viewpoint on a given topic. 


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