Multiple Intelligences and Multimedia

May 10, 2012

This blog has to do with multiple intelligences and the first one is linguistic intelligence and it refers to the ability to learn written languages and the capacity to accomplish goals.  Logical-Mathematical intelligence refers to the ability to analyze problems with logic, and use scientific method skills in order to investigate issues as well as being able to detect patterns, use deductive reasoning, and think using logic. The way you can incorporate instructional media would be through online games that ask word problems and the use of the smart board to have students go up to the front of the class in teams and answer questions by writing on the smart board.  Musical intelligence refers to the skill of performing, composing, and appreciating musical patterns  A way in which you can use instructional media would be through instructional videos about music and CD players to play music for the students to answer specific questions about the songs or tunes.  Bodily kinesthetic intelligence refers to using one’s whole body or parts of body to solve problems and the use of mental abilities to coordinate bodily movements. Tools that could be used are smart boards or touch screen tools like the Ipad. Spatial Intelligence is the potential to recognize and use patterns of wide spaces as well as more confined spaces.  Two good uses of instructional media would be videos and pictures or drawings. Interpersonal intelligence deals with the space intentions, motivations, and desires of other people.  Two instructional media devices that would be suitable for this intelligence are computer conferencing and email.  Finally, Intrapersonal intelligence is the intelligence to understand oneself and appreciating one’s feelings, fears, and motivations.  Two types of instructional media would be creative materials and online blogging.  Linguistic intellegences are best fit for those who learn through reading, writing, and listening.  Two types of technology that could be used for could be web development tools such as reading an online poem or news article and another technology tool could be using a voice recorder during a classroom lecture and then playing it on their own time to reinforce the information they are listening to. My first strength is musical.  I like rhythm and sound of language, poems, singing, and playing guitar.  Also, I am able to recognize sounds and tunes when given.  My second strength is intrapersonal in which I have a good sense of self, I am used to and am fine with being alone yet I do like having people around every once in a while.  Lastly, kinesthetic intelligence is the last strength of mine in which I like to move, I like being pro-active, and that includes several things such as running, swimming, and martial arts.  Moving in a repetitive motion is a good way that I remember many different things.


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