The State of Education

May 8, 2012

This weeks blog has to do with classroom designs of the 21st century.  The online article I read discussed how classrooms must be designed to fully support the use of technology in the classroom since today’s society revolves around and relies on technology to a great degree.  The article mentioned six different “ingredients” that I agree are important in having as a part of the creation of a classroom that will be creative as well as important to the learning environment.  First you start with the basics: four walls and high ceilings along with good lighting.  Second, it is best to eliminate dark spots and shadows.  Next it is good to have good seating arrangements. This means a few things.  Students need to be grouped together in a wise fashion meaning not putting bad students with other bad students because that will cause disruption.  Also, it is important that the seats are comfortable as well as flexible to deal with standard paper-based examination.  Another important aspect of creating an efficient learning environment is getting the faculty involved.  They are the ones who have to teach in those classrooms so it would seem logical to  have them put in their input on what they think is best as well rather than just having administrators decide.  Another important ingredient in this classroom design is providing an easy way to access and power up to the technology that does not take very long.  This is a crucial ingredient because you also have to decide what type of technology you want in your classrooms and how expensive the technology is as well.  The final ingredient that goes with classroom design is that in order to be involved in higher education with the technology you want your students to use in your classroom, it is important that your technology is not “standing-alone”.  In other words, do not buy a bunch of technology if you are not going to use it in the classroom because it is a waste of money and space.  Instead, be willing and able to deliver a suitable learning environment and then begin adding technology above that foundation.  




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