April 25, 2012

Mission Statement:

I am an educator.  I believe everyone has the ability to excel, given the opportunity.  I will strive to be respectful and understanding to my students as well as my fellow teachers and administrators.  I hold myself responsible and honest toward my actions as an instructor.  Not only will I aim to instruct my students well, I will also allow them the room to think for themselves.

Classroom Rules:

1.Be seated and quiet when the school bell sounds.

2.Be respectful to the teacher as well as fellow students.

3.No inappropriate behavior, follow the school-student handbook for descriptions of inappropriate behavior.

4.Any homework due is to be turned in at the beginning of class.

Physical Layout:

I want the classroom to be surrounded with books as well as cupboards.  I want educational posters on the wall, I want a smart board at the front of the class with the desks in rows facing the smart board.  In the back of the classroom I want computers lined up to use for the virtual classroom.  Finally I want my desk to be at the front, right, corner of the classroom facing the students’ desks and smart board at a side view with the windows of the classroom directly behind the desk, along that wall.


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